Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Armor of God the Father Almighty

By Joel E. Ferraris

In 1994, that was more than a decade ago, I was commissioned by GUESS?USA in the Philippines to do a mural inspired by the campaign against the spread of the dreaded Aids disease.

The mural was 100 feet long and was displayed at the facade of Rustan's at the Ayala Center in Makati, Philippines for a span of 1 month. Later on it was moved to SM Cebu and SM Davao where it was also displayed on the popular chain of mall's facade because inside them were the provincial outlets of GUESS? USA. 

The mural was unveiled by the late actress and GUESS?USA model Anna Nicole Smith. In the picture with Ms Smith is the young Samuel Yrastorza (now a successful doctor, a urologist), Ms. Nora Viajedor and my wife Sally.

Traffic along Ayala Avenue in Makati was temporarily put to a halt to make way for some paparazzi to get some souvenir shots of this event as the curios and excited crowd wowed Ms Anna Nicole Smith's presence.

In my artist's statement I emphasized the need to follow and obey the Words of the Almighty God the Father in the Holy Bible. In there clearly written are the real solutions for people in facing numerous problems. The apostle Paul was inspired by the Holy Spirit of the Almighty God the Father to write about the need to wear the full Armor of God the Almighty Father. This is my inspiration as an artist all these years in living a life as His servant, as an artist and as a family man and it is only Lord Jesus Christ who is the Way, the Truth and the Life who is my inspiration and role model in obedience to God the Father Almighty.

That was an exciting night at the hotel in 1994 especially when we got the chance to meet Ms. Anna Nicole Smith in person.

That's me in 1994. Now I'm 50 y.o.

The mural, The Armor of God the Father Almighty, was also brought to the Folk Arts Theater and was used as a stage backdrop during a concert joined by the Philippines top singers and stage performers. There I witnessed how the murals very attractive colors change hues as the disco lights change to go with the music.

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