Monday, June 1, 2009



Metal-reinforced fiberglass, airbrushed-painted with automotive lacquer


"The overwhelmingly captivating beauty of a powerful waterfalls, with its snow-white rushing water and foams glistening under the sun, is bejeweled with rainbows accentuating amid the gentle mists its majestic presence." JOEL EUGENIO E. FERRARIS, 2008

These free standing series of vertical sculpture pieces shaped in wavelike forms arranged in random succession is an almost abstract representation of the waterfalls in all its grandeur.  

The amazing effects of the ranging waters are made possible in a simulation by the interplay of colors on the wavelike surfaces. Shadows in various shapes and shades and their interference with colors, surfaces, and shaped visible gaps between the structures add to the beauty and uniqueness of this piece of public art.

As designed and as expected people, especially children, play hide and seek as they interact with the sculpture meant to amuse them or encourage them to take souvenir photos of this memorable trip to the mall. 


Hilda said...

Hi, sir Joel. I'll be posting another photo of your Sky Garden sculptures, the Rainbow Waterfalls, in My Manila tomorrow (Dec 30, 2009).

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Wishing you a prosperous and peaceful new year.

joel ferraris said...

Hi Hilda,

Thanks a lot! I pray you and your family have happy, peaceful and prosperous years to come under the guidance and protection of our Almighty God the Father through Lord Jesus Christ. said...

nice work.