Sunday, June 3, 2007



It is refreshing that from time to time I go back to painting landscapes and seascapes.

Living in the city, surrounded by high rise buildings and where everything is paved with concrete, wanting to go back to nature for good is next to impossible because the source of income for the family is dictated by where the economic pasture is greener. Besides, safety and convenience are important even if the threats of pollution replace that which comes from people's discontent.

It's funny how cities, in their pursuit of modernity and further advancements to attract business, destroy the surrounding natural environment. Real plants are replaced by artificial ones, sculptures of animals become solid memorials of how many animals were killed by man while extinct species landed on pages of books and website to immortalize their once amazing existence.

Come to think of it, environmental degradation is for creating business for commercialism and materialism are the lifeblood of the material existence of man.

My brother Noel Ferraris, who paints and does sculptures more meticulously than I, did a painting in the past depicting how man has invented things to distract himself from his very purpose in life while these things lead to his ultimate destruction. That painting, entitled "DISTRACTION, DESTRUCTION", won him an award in one of our country's prestigious art competitions.

Nature Trip and Cool Beach 2 remind me of our province in Iloilo in the western part of the Visayas, Philippines. Surrounded by beautiful beaches this place, where agriculture is the main source of income then, is in stark contrast to where I and my family live now.