Monday, June 1, 2009

Art in the Sky: BLOOM

               Perspective digital rendering by Noel E. Ferraris

Sculpture #1 - BLOOM

Metal-reinforced fiberglass, airbrushed-painted with automotive lacquer paints, with interior lighting 

"A flower in bloom evokes beauty and energy akin to the enviable promise of youth. Its gracefully shaped petals are comparable to a happy family whereby the parents look heavenward thanking Almighty God the Father for the birth of a new family member." JOEL EUGENIO E. FERRARIS, 2008

BLOOM is a five-piece sculpture set. It is designed as an interactive piece of public art where people could sit and relax. Each piece has its corresponding name. The largest is called FATHER, followed by MOTHER,  SON, DAUGHTER and the smallest situated at the center is called CHILD. The set represents the early stage of a blooming flower and symbolizes the energy, beauty and promise of youth. This also depicts the family showing the parents looking heavenwards and thanking God the Father Almighty for the new member of the family.

One weekend at the mall with the family will inspire bonding and while the youngest child is placed at the center and the focus of all each one will hopefully be reminded that without the rest there is no family. And like the flower that depends on the blessings from our Almighty God the Father for its existence and beauty so too are we. 


Tabuena art central said...

Hey man,
Very impressive body of works, really interesting. Proof that filipino artist talent knows no bounds...Cheers


joel ferraris said...

Thanks a lot again. It is a must to help our countrymen to redirect their energies instead of wasting their lives for nothing. Art is one tool for that.

I hope too that I could contribute in making the whole world be attracted not only to our hospitality, to our amazing beaches and resorts, to our natural resources but most of all to our art, a kind of art with new, positive direction instead of those seemingly endless protests not offering any positive solutions.

Public art, wholesome public art, contributes in redirecting people's mindsets especially now that modernization helps to eradicate squalor not only in providing jobs that would make people busy instead of becoming idle while in danger of becoming neophytes to criminality and drug addiction but also to aid in urban planning, transformation of the landscape into more neatly manicured setting leading to a more organized society.

Joel F