Saturday, June 30, 2007


By Joel Ferraris

Ten years ago I did an artwork that was used on the cover of the souvenir program of the Philippine Association of Hong Kong (PAHK).

THE CHANGING TIMES is a mixed media on canvas artpiece which was exhibited at the John Batten Gallery here in Hong Kong. It was later bought by my compatriot and friend who works for the IT business.

1997 is a very significant year. It was the year of Hong Kong's hand-over to China. It was also the first year that I and another compatriot, Artist Justo Cascante, had our two-man show "Rapid Reflections" at the new art gallery of John Batten. My wife was also pregnant then to our first son while the Philippines was preparing for its centennial celebrations the following year.

The above confluence of events inspired me to produce a piece of art that shows the past, the present and the unknown future. THE CHANGING TIMES is also one of my first few artpieces done in Hong Kong since I joined my wife here in 1996.

Hong Kong, as well as the Philippines, is very rich in history. The proximity of these two places considered homes to some Filipinos living here made me use popular images of history of both places that adorn the periphery of this mixed media painting. I used a tricky technique of painting on top of purposely crackled paint to depict the past while the recent and existing glossy present in full color is vibrantly revealed by the fast-paced world of digital technology.

In the middle is the unknown future in white color. It could be subliminally signaling the thing that the whole world hopes for - WORLD PEACE.