Monday, June 1, 2009



By Joel E. Ferraris

Faced with the challenge to design (originally) 8 sculptures for the SM Sky Garden I turned to God the Father Almighty, through Lord Jesus Christ, for wisdom to be able to set me on the right focus. I understand that it is very important to have humility, honesty and integrity in life especially when dealing with blessings clearly coming from Him. And as an artist I believe that the quest to have originality of designs is a prerequisite as a way to face both the challenges and opportunities in an increasingly competitive and highly innovative age wherein respect for intellectual property is vital.

The Internet is flooded with images of multitude of art forms and artistic expressions and with this reality plus the trend called globalization it seems that all ideas have been exhausted and are easily available and there’s no more room for originality and novelty. Yet I stubbornly but firmly believe that it is still by looking inwards during an artist’s solitary moments that pure inspiration is gained and new ideas are born as if they are fruits picked from a tree only found inside one’s thoughts.

All the ideas for these sculptures are a result of the mix of what is tangible, of the nature-inspired and organic, of realities observed and/or experienced and those that are abstract. They all triggered the birth of new concepts some of which were somehow recycled from old ones but given new forms and shapes plus the introduction of novel images that individually convey their message. These are all aimed to blend with the contemporary environment and the demands of this age where public art becomes more interactive than simply resting proud yet gathering dust and grime on a high, unreachable pedestal.

Public art as one major visual component brought into malls becomes not so purely art for art’s sake monumental pieces nor merely cheap props that seem to look like eyesores competing for attention with boring but loud window displays and signage but something that could contribute to the balance between what is purely commercial and that which is strictly artistic. Situated in a classy garden-type setting these sculptures strategically distributed to accentuate the whole SM Sky Garden area could hopefully contribute to elevate the lifestyle, the culture plus the aesthetic as well as artistic awareness and appreciation of mall habitués especially when they enjoy one romantic evening or one relaxing weekend with their families and friends.

Lastly, as society dreams, struggles, hopes and gears towards a more well-governed, highly improved and self-sufficient community of people whose succession of leaders support and sustain the continuity of vision as well as all those vital and relevant projects started by previous administrations the presence of a neatly planned and wholesome environment complete with the spiritual, social, cultural and artistic components to positively redirect and straighten people’s mindsets offers the citizen an alternative that is highly inspiring and promising. Moreover, the valuable lessons I learned as a muralist for the Hong Kong Mural Society promoting public art under the leadership of Artist Kong Ho especially about the importance of cooperation, constructive compromise and collaboration to achieve the goal of producing something beautiful are some of the vital elements that I believe our countrymen need in order to move on and succeed. But on top of that people could make this dream come true if they are equipped with humility, obedience and strong faith in the Almighty God the Father who grants His graces in His own perfect time to those whom He is pleased with.





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