Thursday, July 17, 2008


By Rosalina A. Reyes-Ferraris

Life is a complex execution of events that unravel before our eyes depending on the quality of decision-making that people make. It can be summed up as a series of programmed commands designed to process a given input depending on the parameters set for a given task. The choices we make as we experience life will have an impact on our goals and ambitions in life. People say that we are the authors of our future. This is true to some extent, for we make decisions depending on the priorities we choose. In the end, we are the only person to answer the ultimate question, "Have we accomplished our purpose here on earth? Are we now prepared to die?” It would be a waste of life, if we cannot answer these questions at our time of death, for we were given the chance to correct our erring ways for so many years.

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Rosalina "Sally" Reyes is my wife for 20 years now and the good mother of our three kids. She too developed her talent in art and her recent art piece above titled FLOWCHART OF LIFE is part of our ongoing family group show IT RUNS IN THE BLOOD at the SARA SENE GALLERY & STUDIO PLUS in Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong.

Her first oil painting of a flower was in the late 80s and because she concentrated on her job as an IT consultant, a job that promises a stable source of income to support all of us more regularly, she decided not to paint for many years. Now the pressures of the job plus other concerns makes painting and art as a whole one good source of therapy. Besides she has lots of ideas in mind as written in her blog.


Danny Sillada said...

Hi Joel, I still remember you; we met in the early 1990s with Jefrey Consumo.

Nice to hear from you and your magnificent achievement in Hong Kong.

Best regards,


Beverly Kaye Gallery said...

The Flowchart of Life is a stunning work. I'm so glad to hear you are getting the attention this art deserves.

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